You Are Here – a poetry show

You Are Here - a poetry show

Colette Bryce, Daljit Nagra and Jo Shapcott write emotional, complex, funny and engaging poems. Publishers, readers and prize judges alike love them. The poets and Jaybird have worked with a director and designers to build a brand new live literature show. It’s based on poems they’ve written in the ‘I’ voice, the one which poets use to play with ideas about autobiography and selfhood. How the poets move, sit, stand on stage helps the eye support what the ear attends; the words and moods are enhanced with the soft sparkle of delicate lighting design. Together on stage, the poems form a silver-tongued performance of work musing on the identities of performers and audience alike. And the whole shebang is on tour, round arts centres and theatres from January to April 2010.


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