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Secret Tour Venue

December 15, 2009

When You Are Here visits Bath, it will be on at the Masonic Hall, as part of the literarature festival. Yesterday, I went to check out the Masonic Hall, just to see where the lights will go, where the poets will stand and all the rest of it. I took lots of photos but I’m a bit scared to post them – all the Masons’ secrets were on display. The thrones, the tools, the altars. It adds a little frisson to my ideas about how the show will work there – Julia, Producer.


Painting the set …

December 15, 2009

the director's cat on a bit of the set

Phoebe the director and Julia the producer have been out sourcing furtniture for the set. The painters are about to arrive any minute to pick up the furniture for its respray, and Phoebe’s cat is staking a claim.