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Hull & Back

March 16, 2010

No prizes for photography here, but here’s a multi-lingual ‘You Are Here’ sign from the hotel in Hull. English, French & German … but nothing in Punglish, the part English / part Punjabi that Daljit uses to write some his funniest poems.


What happens when you make a Word Cloud from Exit Questionnaires

March 14, 2010
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Team Photo

March 9, 2010

L to R: Colette, Phoebe Stout (Director), Jo, John Castle (Lighting Designer), bunch of daffs, Daljit, Julia Bird (Producer)

Magnificent Masonic

March 9, 2010

Another You Are Here at the Masonic Hall

Here’s a review from the Bath show which took place in the bonkers and magnificent Masonic Hall. We were part of the Bath Literature Festival, and bumped into Helen Dunmore in the Green Room, and Jonathan Safran Foer nipping up the stairs afterwards.