Colette Bryce

Colette Bryce

Colette Bryce

Read more about Colette and listen to some of her poems here.

You Are Here – but where is ‘here’? 

‘Here’ in a poem

could be childhood, Iceland, Outer Space, or a bed of snow.

Inside the mind of a ballpoint pen. In the gaze

a streetlamp, waiting for someone.

‘Here’ might be Her, or Him, could be hell

or heroic couplets, the sweet hereafter.

‘Here’ might be there today, then gone.

Alas, who knows? Ah well,

here goes.

 Tell us why you write poetry – I think poetry chooses us, rather than vice versa. I love its music – that tension in the line. 

What does it feel like when you’re writing a poem? It feels like my engine is up and running and my body and mind have eased into fifth gear and the road is unknown and it is beautiful, and the air is rich with possibility. 

You Are Here is a poetry show about identity. If you were a superhero with a secret identity, what would it be? I’d be like Robin Hood and redirect some wealth to those who really need it.  Oh, and I’d love to fly – can that be added? A sort of winged, highway woman? 

What’s the strangest place you’ve ever given a poetry reading? Bed!  

Who would you like to see in the audience for a You Are Here performance? Anyone who loves words, really: readers, writers, dreamers.  And I have a nonagenarian supporter called Bríd who’s been known to turn up in the strangest locations. 

Rock stars demand bowls of M&Ms with the red ones removed on their backstage ‘riders’ of demands. What’s on a poet’s rider? Poets require only kindness, and alcohol.  M&Ms are a terror on the teeth…


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