Daljit Nagra

Daljit Nagra

Daljit Nagra

Read more about Daljit here and listen to some of his poems here.

We ask Daljit some questions …

You Are Here – but where is here? Here should always be a non-judgemental place where people feel the urge to smile back at you.

Tell us why you write poetry … because my parents expected me to become a doctor.

What does it feel like when you’re writing a poem? When I’m in the groove of a poem all the words, the sounds and ideas seem to build their walls around me and I feel perfectly at home in myself and in my surroundings.

You Are Here is a poetry show about identity. If you were a superhero with a secret identity, what would it be? If I spin round three times in the nearest Vegetarian Cafe I am transformed into LinguaMan who can then recite serious or hilarious verse from any language which is amplified if recited through the megaphone of a parnsip (as this is LinguaMan’s favourite vegetable). This recital generally stuns his adversaries into submission, as they turn mush-pea green with envy!

What’s the strangest place you’ve ever given a poetry reading? In a Sikh temple. After the reading I was mildly chided by the preacher for using a swear word in one of my poems. He did not feel it becoming of someone from a Sikh background.

Who would you like to see in the audience for a You Are Here performance? Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello, Arthur Askey and George Formby. We would all hang out in the pub afterwards.

Rock stars on tour demand bowls of M&Ms with all the red ones removed on their riders of backstage demands. What’s on a poet’s rider? Permanently chilled bottles of white wine that are not too strong with bowls of beetroot crisps please!


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