Hello to the Audience!

Tempted to get tickets for You Are Here – ah, go on, we’d love to see you! 

It’s not just a poetry reading, it’s a live literature show. You Are Here is a hand-picked selection of poems by Colette Bryce, Daljit Nagra and Jo Shapcott. Three poets on stage. Talking to each other – and to you, the audience – through their poems.  

Here are poems in the form of introductions, anecdotes, confessions and resolutions … and all of them playing with ideas about autobiography, disguise and identity. We’ll even give you some poems to take home with you.

 Who are you? Where are you and where are you going? Poems to pose the questions and whisper you the answers.

Poems featured in You Are Here are from Colette’s three books The Heel of Bernadette, The Full Indian Rope Trick and Self Portrait in the Dark (all published by Picador); Daljit’s book Look We Have Coming to Dover! (Faber); Jo’s books Her Book: Poems 1988-1998 and (the soon to be published) Of Mutability (Faber), and some are as yet unpublished. Have a look at ‘Once You’ve Seen the Show’ to track down details of your particular favourite poems.

If you’re bitten by the poetry bug (Colette has a poem in the show called just that), visit The Poetry Society for poetry news and events from all round the country, the Poetry Book Society for the best advice about what poetry to read, and the Poetry Archive for hundreds of recordings of poems, classic and contemporary.


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