Jo Shapcott

Jo Shapcott (photo by C McNamee)

Jo Shapcott (photo by C McNamee)

Read more about Jo and listen to some of her poems here.

You Are Here – but where is ‘here’? Earth.
Tell us why you write poetry … There is no alternative.
What does it feel like when you’re writing a poem? Flying/hairpulling/
You Are Here is a poetry show about identity. If you were a superhero with a secret identity, what would it be? Chameleonwoman, the shapeshifter.
What’s the strangest place you’ve ever given a poetry reading? In a cave.
Who would you like to see in the audience for a You Are Here performance?  Shakespeare and my auntie.
Rock stars on tour demand bowls of M&Ms with all the red ones removed on their riders of backstage demands. What’s on a poet’s rider?  A cup of tea (please).

Here’s Jo’s recent article about ‘female’ poetry …

Here’s Jo’s poem ‘St Brides’ in the Times – this is the first poem that Jo reads in the show …


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