Once You’ve Seen the Show …

These are the poems which make up the show, together with their first lines and the books in which they are published.

Colette’s books are The Heel of Bernadette (HOB), The Full Indian Rope Trick (FIRT) and Self Portrait in the Dark (SPD) (all published by Picador); Daljit’s book is Look We Have Coming to Dover! (Faber); Jo’s books Her Book: Poems 1988-1998 (HB) and (the soon to be published) Of Mutability (OM)(Faber). Poems which are unpublished are marked U.

 CB           Nature Walk
‘If only my bag had been large enough’ (SPD)

JS             St Brides
‘There is a tower of the winds as tall’ (OM)

DN           Our Town
‘Our town in England with the whole of India sundering’

CB           Derry part 1
‘I was born between the Creggan and the Bogside’ (U)

JS             Phrase Book
‘I’m standing here inside my skin’ (HB)

CB           Derry part 4
‘My candle flame faltered in a cup’ (U)

DN           Singh Song!
‘I run just one ov my Daddy’s shops’

 DN           A Prelude to Suka’s adventures from the Board Room
‘He was the first from our farms on a cheap boat ride to Britain’

CB            The Full Indian Rope Trick
‘There was no secret’ (FIRT)

DN           Confessions of a Coolly Woman
‘I used each day to cushy sit and bag’ (U)

JS             Shopping
‘I approved of it heartily, the multiway underwired bra’ (HB)

CB           A Spider
‘I trapped a spider in a glass’ (SPD)

JS             The Mad Cow Talks Back
‘I’m not mad. It just seems that way’ (HB)

 JS             Abishag
‘Tie my arms around the neck’ (OM)

CB           Gallery
‘She showed me the red earth’ (FIRT)

JS             Matter
‘He touched my skin’ (HB)

DN           Arranged Marriage
‘My mum cramming a globe of ladoo’

CB           Car Wash
‘This business of driving / reminds us of our fathers.’ (SPD)

JS             Somewhat Unravelled
‘Aunties stands by the kettle, looking at the kettle’ (OM)

DN           In a White Town
‘She never looked like other boys’ mums’

CB           Wine
‘The corkscrew lifts its elegant arms’ (HOB)

JS             Mad Cow Dance
‘I like to dance. Bang. I love to dance. Push’ (HB)

DN           Darling & Me
‘Di barman’s done dinging’

JS             Piss Flower
‘I can’t pretend to a golden parabola’ (OM)

CB           The Poetry Bug
‘is a moon-pale, lumpish creature’ (SPD)

JS             The Deaths
‘I thought I knew my death’ (OM)

CB           Where Are You?
‘I’d guess / in a supermarket’ (SPD)

DN           Bolly
‘terry gup-shup’ (U)

CB           Self Portrait in the Dark (with Cigarette)
‘To sleep, perchance / to dream? No chance.’ (SPD)

DN           The Informant
‘I have been sitting here’

JS             Procedure
‘This tea, this cup of tea, made of leaves’ (OM)

CB           Next Year’s Luck
‘Next year’s luck (now we’re seeking it)’ (SPD)

JS             Of Mutability
‘Too many of the best cells in my body’ (OM)

DN           The Constant Art
‘It’s true, my love’s a paid up fashion victim’ (U)

JS             La Serenissima
‘I was on land, but the land didn’t belong’ (OM)

CB           Nature Walk
‘If only my bag had been large enough’ (SPD)


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