There might be a theme developing here …

February 22, 2010

Maybe everywhere we go on tour, we’ll be able to find one of these ‘You Are Here’ maps, perhaps that’s a treasure hunt style challenge we ought to set ourselves. This one’s in Newcastle, where we had the biggest audience so far. Lots of laughter in all the right places, and lots of the poignant poetry noise that audiences make at a moment of recognition. It’s a cross bewteen ‘ohh’, ‘mmm’, ‘ahh’ and ‘Yes! That’s absolutely IT!’


Product Placement …

February 9, 2010

I spotted this in the hotel room after the Chipping Norton show …

Wild nights! Wild nights!

February 9, 2010

Daljit in the dressing room

Chipping Norton theatre (a converted Salvation Army hall, and one of the cutest theatres I’ve ever seen) runs a series called ‘Wild Nights’ where audiences pay what they think the show deserved. There was lots of paper money in the bucket at the end of our show there in January, thankfully – no buttons or holiday currency! There was a dressing room debate about which poet wrote a poem called ‘Wild Nights’ – think you know the answer? Guess here.

Norwich – opening night

January 27, 2010

Behind the sound desk, before the audience arrives. Butterflies time.

Ooh, a lovely big and happy audience for our first night of the tour – couldn’t ask for more.  Oh, apart from a five star cooked breakfast the morning after – perks of the road.

In rehearsal 2

January 7, 2010

Jo Shapcott in 'You Are Here'Jo reading, this photo taken during our technical rehearsal.

In rehearsal 1

January 7, 2010

Colette and Daljit.

All rehearsal photos taken by Liam Davenport

The things we do for you …

January 4, 2010

Day 3 of the rehearsal, and things are looking and sounding great. We wanted to record some of the poems to use in the show … could we find a quiet place in our rehearsal rooms? No. We had trains, cars, clocks, fridges and high heels making a noise in the background. The quietest place we could eventually find was the acoustically perfect disabled loo. Remember that when you’re listening to the poems on stage …

Secret Tour Venue

December 15, 2009

When You Are Here visits Bath, it will be on at the Masonic Hall, as part of the literarature festival. Yesterday, I went to check out the Masonic Hall, just to see where the lights will go, where the poets will stand and all the rest of it. I took lots of photos but I’m a bit scared to post them – all the Masons’ secrets were on display. The thrones, the tools, the altars. It adds a little frisson to my ideas about how the show will work there – Julia, Producer.

Painting the set …

December 15, 2009

the director's cat on a bit of the set

Phoebe the director and Julia the producer have been out sourcing furtniture for the set. The painters are about to arrive any minute to pick up the furniture for its respray, and Phoebe’s cat is staking a claim.

The Raw Materials …

November 24, 2009

Six weeks to go before we start rehearsing properly, here’s what we’re currently juggling. The books, something to hold on stage, something to make the set look pretty, something to keep us going while we’re thinking, John the lights, Robin the tunes.